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Custom Order 6

Custom Order 6

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For "beefoven"

Custom Phone Grip Shaker Order $26

- Ruffle heart Shape, orange background and black outline

- Pantump sticker sealed in front 

- black grip base

- bits same as coaster

Custom Coaster Shaker $24

- Pokemon halloween stickers x3

- Purple and orange, with holo glitter, spooky glitter. colors  right and left

- Bits: little bats, sparkle/stars, beads, hearts, spiderweb. purple black and orange.


+$2 Halloween pokemon stickers for coaster, mimikyu, centerpiece halloween festival, pumpkaboo

+$1 Two-toned color coaster, purple and orange split down the middle. 



This item is not refundable after item starts being made and thereafter. This is a handmade one-of-a-kind item!