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Sailor Uranus Made to Order Case - LoveAprilMoon
Sailor Uranus Made to Order Case

Sailor Uranus Made to Order Case

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This layout is available to be made for any device! There are beads in the bottle that move! Display example is on Samsung s8.


♡How it works

~After the layout is purchased, I will whip the case together in your chosen device.

~If the blank case for the device you selected is on-hand the case will ship in 1 week. (most devices below are available on-hand!)

~If the case blank needs to be ordered, it will take 1-4 weeks to complete.

~You can select if you would like rhinestones or not. Rhinestones are as pictured (2 rows)

~Whip color is pink!

The second photo gives examples of what the full whip looks like after complete.

**Please note, layouts may vary depending on device selected**